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Here I Am... Send Me

Do you remember when Isaiah spoke up and said, "Here I am... send me" (Isaiah 6:8)? That passage offers a challenge to anyone who declares to be a servant of God. Would you say the same thing? Are you ready to follow the Lord in any direction?

One of the saddest stories in the book of Acts is found in chapter 7 when Stephen was stoned to death. He was a man who refused to ignore his duty as a Christian. He could have chosen not to preach that day. He could have taken the easy path. However, as he stood before that multitude, he knew they needed to hear the gospel. Stephen is a perfect example of someone with a ”Here Am I, Send Me” attitude.

If you go back and read the book of Acts, after Stephen was martyred, you will see that a great persecution arose against the Christians. Many of the Jewish Christians had to leave Jerusalem in fear of their lives. They had to leave their homes and families. They left behind all of their belongings. They had to walk away from their jobs and many friends. When they left town they had no idea what they would find. In spite of all these hardships the church continued to grow!

The early Christians refused to stop worshipping God. They kept teaching and preaching about Jesus. When we read this great book we have to wonder if we would do the same. Will you choose to be a servant of God? Will you follow the Lord’s calling? He needs to hear you say, ”Here Am I, Send Me!”

You are loved!

Dr. Ray Reynolds

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