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Seeing God Through The Hardships & Headaches

We all hurt. Suffering is all around us. Pain touches everyone. It cannot show favoritism. It will not be impartial or prejudice.

We all hurt differently. If you are blessed, the toughest times in your life will be short lived, easily forgotten, or come in the fleeting hours of your life. For the rest of us, the world is cruel and our enemy is relentless. Satan shows no mercy and takes no prisoners.

We NEVER hurt alone. Sometimes we forget that the Lord promises to stay beside His people. Even when we hurt. He is with you.

We have lessons to learn when we hurt. Hardships and heartache are not welcome friends at our table. Yet, we can learn from our experiences with them. We can see the mercy and kindness of our God. We can appreciate His presence and learn from His discipline.

It is possible to see past the hardships and headaches. It’s possible to see God. He is ALWAYS there. He will guide us and teach us, if we will listen.

Don’t hate the hardship. Learn from it. Don’t fear the heartache. Learn to love again. In our weakest moments we are closest to the heart of our God.

You are loved.

Dr. Ray Reynolds

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