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Age Is Just A Number

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

I wrote a poem for my dad this year on his birthday (1/24/22). His bday card had a rough draft, but this is the final work. I wasn't going to post it online because my poetry is very personal. Poetry often shows a depth and raw nature filled with emotion. However, this one is light and encouraging. Enjoy!

They say age is just a number,

as precious time ticks slowly by.

I'd like to slow the clock,

but it moves ahead no matter what I try.

So instead of worrying about my days

and months, or numbering my years,

I prefer to turn to God,

who takes away anxiety and fears.

His word shows me that Heaven has no clock

or graying of the hair.

There's no sorrow, pain or death.

No darkness or nighttime there.

My loved ones await me

on the banks of the river Jordan.

Following Jesus secures my passage,

for this I am absolutely certain.

When we cross over,

this world of dates and times will fade away.

We can walk along the streets of gold

for one eternal day.

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You are loved.

Dr. Ray Reynolds

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