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Books by Ray Reynolds

Dr. Ray Reynolds has authored over 150 books.  From time to time we will post links to purchase the Kindle books, link pdf copies of the books, or give information about upcoming books in production. Every purchase helps keep the ministry alive!  Thank you for your support.  

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Originally printed in 2013, and modified in 2018, this 2022 updated version provides a practical survey of the New Testament. You will learn about the author, date, theme, audience, literary notes, key verses, and outline of each book. Each aforementioned area of interest should not only help you with background information, but should aid you as you rightly divide the word of God (II Timothy 2:15). It is a must have study guide for a deeper, personal study.


The Old Testament reveals the Creator, the Law, the sin of man, and the need for a Savior. The New Testament brings closure, fulfillment, and answers to the great mysteries of the old. Clearly, the New Testament reveals that Jesus the Christ has fulfilled the prophesies of the Messiah. Think of the Old Testament as cake. People love cake. They enjoy eating it, but what if there is no icing? Still edible, but something is missing. The New Testament is the icing on the cake. Some people like icing. However, when you have the icing AND the cake… the palate can appreciate the combination. Are you hungry for a study of the New Testament? Purchase this book and have a Bible ready. Let's study the Word of God!

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