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Everyone likes FREE stuff.  Below you will find links to FREE sermon outlines. These are provided FREE for your use but we offer these two simple requests in return: 1) Do not pass this work off as your own. Years of hard work and study are found on these pages. Remember the golden rule (Matthew 7:12). Simply use them to the glory of God.  2) Give us feedback on the materials you like the most.  This helps us to decide what products and materials to provide in the future. Write to us at

212* Sermon Series
212* (Lesson #1): Exploration
212* (Lesson #2): Motivation
212* (Lesson #3): Implementation
212* (Lesson #4): Representation

7 Things The Lord Hates Sermon Series
7 Things The Lord Hates: A Proud Look
7 Things The Lord Hates: A Lying Tongue
7 Things The Lord Hates: Hands That Kill Innocent People
7 Things The Lord Hates: A Mind That Thinks Up Evil Plans
7 Things The Lord Hates: Feet That Are Quick To Do Evil
7 Things The Lord Hates: A Witness Who Lies
7 Things The Lord Hates: Someone Who Starts Arguments With Families

The 10 Commandments Sermon Series
10 Commandments: Introduction
10 Commandments: No Other gods
10 Commandments: No Carved Images
10 Commandments: No Abuse of God's Name
10 Commandments: Keep The Sabbath
10 Commandments: Honor Your Parents
10 Commandments: No Murder
10 Commandments: No Adultery
10 Commandments: No Stealing
10 Commandments: No Lying
10 Commandments: No Coveting
10 Commandments: Conclusion
Acts of the Apostles Sermon Series
Acts of the Apostles (Lesson #1): Here Am I, Send Me
Acts of the Apostles (Lesson #2): Before The End
Acts of the Apostles (Lesson #3): The Ascension of Jesus
Acts of the Apostles (Lesson #4): The Holy Spirit
Acts of the Apostles (Lesson #5): The Establishment of the Church
Acts of the Apostles (Lesson #6): Church Growth
Acts of the Apostles (Lesson #7): Servants Needed
Acts of the Apostles (Lesson #8): The Persecution Begins
Acts of the Apostles (Lesson #9): Outside of the Box
Acts of the Apostles (Lesson #10): Peter's Pride & Prejudice

Acts of the Apostles (Lesson #11): Conflict Resolution
Acts of the Apostles (Lesson #12): Turning the World Upside Down
Acts of the Apostles (Lesson #13): Taking Your Vows Seriously
Acts of the Apostles (Lesson #14): Paul's Farewell Tour
Acts of the Apostles (Lesson #15): A Bondservant of Jesus Christ
Acts of the Apostles (Lesson #16): Chosen For A Purpose
Acts of the Apostles (Lesson #17): Preparing To Be Shipwrecked
Acts of the Apostles (Lesson #18): To Be Continued

An Unstoppable Faith (I Peter) Sermon Series
The Hope of A Christian
The Holiness of A Christian
The Maturity of A Christian
The Submission of A Christian
The Companionship of A Christian
The Salvation of A Christian
The Wisdom of A Christian
The Suffering of A Christian
The Humbleness of A Christian

The Strength of A Christian

Building on the Dream Sermon Series
God's Vision
God's Temple
God's Family
God's Word

Don't Forget To Live Sermon Series
Make Your Life Count
Help Those In Need
Break Down The Walls
Do The Right Thing
Don't Ever Give Up

Jesus Is First (Colossians) Sermon Series
Jesus Is First Because of His Work
Jesus Is First Because of His Role
Jesus Is First Because of His Gospel
Jesus Is First Because of His Freedom
Jesus Is First Because of His Cleansing
Jesus Is First Because of His Relationships
Jesus Is First Because of His Fellowship
Jesus Is First Because of His Family

Lord, Teach Us To Pray Sermon Series
Lord, Teach Us To Pray (Lesson #1): Revive Your Simple Devotion
Lord, Teach Us To Pray (Lesson #2): Renew Your Personal Relationship With God
Lord, Teach Us To Pray (Lesson #3): Restore Your Vision of the Lord's Church
Lord, Teach Us To Pray (Lesson #4): Remember Your Daily Needs
Lord, Teach Us To Pray (Lesson #5): Reflect on Your Father's Forgiving Nature
Lord, Teach Us To Pray (Lesson #6): Resist Your Sinful Desires

Revelation Sermon Series
A Survey of Revelation
The Colors of Revelation
The Connections to Ezekiel
The Descriptions of Jesus
The Lamb of God in Revelation
The Letters of Revelation
The Numbers of Revelation
The Beatitudes of Revelation
The Churches of Revelation
The Terminology of Revelation
The Views of the 1,000 Years of Revelation
The Works of the Churches in Revelation

Topical Sermons (A-Z)
4th Quarter Christianity
5 Reasons Why I Am NOT Skipping Christmas
7 Designations of the Family of God
7 I AM Statements of Jesus
7 Pillars of the Family of God
7 Things That Will Ruin Your Holiday Season
10 Misconceptions About Giving

10 Ways To Show Christian Love
365 Messianic Prophecies
A Call to Zeal
A Church That Fasts
A Critical Look at Criticism
A Defense For Biblical Marriage
A Graduation Survival Kit
A Learning Church
A Memorial Sacrifice
A Psalm of Thanksgiving
A Recipe for Sharing

AGCCA Commencement Address
All Aboard The Kingdom Express
All For One & One For All
All Things In Common
Almost Persuaded
Alters & Offerings
An Attitude Adjustment
An Everyday Faith
Ananias & Sapphira
And Jesus Reached Out His Hand

Anger Management
Antique or Unique
Are You Sowing the Seed of the King, Dumb Brother?
Back To School
Bearing One Another's Burdens
Better To Give
Between The Testaments of Scripture
Beyond the Barriers
Beyond What I See
Bible Study 101
Biblical Witnessing As Living Epistles
Bind Us Together
Blast From The Past
Blessed Assurance
Broken Homes
Building Bigger Barns
Can "I" Make A Difference
Can "U" Make A Difference
Casting Stones
Changing The World One Soul At A Time
Checkered Past
Checking Our Vital Signs
Choosing A Life Assurance Policy
Christ's Living Hope
Christ-like Christian Living
Christ-like Ways to Conquer Complaining
Christian Apologetics
Christian Relationships
Christians Fear Nothing, But God
Christians, The Sidekicks of Jesus
Christmas Service 2009
Christmas Service 2011
Christmas Service 2014
Christmas Service 2015
Christmas Service 2016
Communication in the Communication Age

Cursed If You Do & Cursed If You Don't
Dealing With Conflict
Dealing With Disappointment
Death of the Savior
Developing Christian Leaders
Developing Team Chemistry
Developing Young Leaders
Diary of a Wimpy Christian
Diary of a Wimpy Christian (book)
Dig Into the Book of Luke
Do A Good Turn Daily
Do I Really Have To?
Don't Fan The Flame
Don't Go To Church, Be The Church
Dressed & Ready For Service

7 Deadly Sins of Catholicism Sermon Series
7 Deadly Sins: Pride
7 Deadly Sins: Greed
7 Deadly Sins: Envy
7 Deadly Sins: Wrath
7 Deadly Sins: Sloth
7 Deadly Sins: Lust
7 Deadly Sins: Gluttony
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