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What To Do During Worship

Worship of the first day of the week is something that we all should look forward to each week. Sometimes we are not sure how to conduct ourselves in worship. I want to share with you some practical ideas to help us stay focused. If we all practiced these principles our worship would be even more effective.

1. During Bible class and worship try not to get distracted. Remember why you are there, keep your mind open, but focused.

2. Don’t do your nails, clip your nails, or check your make-up. This can be smelly, distracting, loud, and inappropriate. Excuse yourself to the bathroom.

3. In the classes, try not to interfere with useless questions, keep them pertaining to the subject or text being discussed.

4. If you are teaching a class, try not to chase too many “rabbits.”

5. When the classes dismiss keep it organized, go to the bathroom, get a drink, get a bulletin, so that you will not have to leave during the assembly.

6 When we begin the worship try to keep focused on the words in songs and prayers, listen to the lesson, and reflect during the Lord’s Supper.

7. When we sing, you should be singing, it doesn’t matter what you think you sound like, just sing!

8. When we pray, bow your head, and listen to the words. Say “Amen.”

9. When we partake of the Lord’s Supper you should be silent and focused, not flipping through the song book or playing with baby in front of you.

10. If you are teaching, leading a prayer or singing, do it loud and speak into the microphone.

11. During the lesson, have your Bible open, and follow along.

12. If your child is loud, those things happen, but if you think its distracting, take them to the cry room, or outside to discipline them.

13. Don’t let your children distract others. Try not to let them roll under the pews or throw things. Remember we do have a nursery.

14. Couples sitting together should be under control. No kissing, playing, or petting. It is very inappropriate in worship.

15. During the invitation, if you need to respond, do so, and if you want to come forward earlier, before the invitation, its okay.

16. Unless it is an emergency, try not to leave before services are over.

17. During the announcements, it should be organized. Don’t blurt out more announcements, give them to announcement person after services.

18. When the last prayer is being said, we are still in worship. Try not to let the children get into the isle or climb out of the pew.

19. When the prayer is finished, the children can exit the building in an orderly fashion to the playground. Please, no running.

20. Stick around after services to greet the visitors.

I hope these suggestions are helpful. I know they can help all of us to have great worship services. Next week we will consider how to act after the worship. Have a great week!!!

You are loved.

Dr. Ray Reynolds

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Unknown member
Feb 19, 2021

I have started to talking notes again

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