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You Are The Only Story That Matters

You are a story. A marvelous, amazing story. One chapter after another. Throughout this week I've contemplated this profound truth: I have a story. You have a story. It's TRUE. Life is lived throughout this story. Your choices make up the plot. Your neighbors and family are the main characters. If you tell yourself that your life has no meaning you will be miserable and your story will be boring. If you sense your life has purpose it will be meaningful. What is in your story? We have parts of our story that are difficult. Other parts lead us to smile. Because we are wired to avoid pain, we might lock away portions of our life. Because we enjoy cheerful thoughts, we might highlight some stories repeatedly. No matter what... it is already in our story. The truth is that the previous chapters have already been penned. This present moment is being written away this very minute. However, there is still something to be done about the ending of your story. How does it end? Let God hold the pen. Only He can write a happy ending. Let Him take your mess and create a message to inspire the world. So, you don't think your story matters? Tell that to Jesus. You should know that YOUR story is really the only one that matters.

You are loved.

Dr. Ray Reynolds

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