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Bottles of Contentment

Have you ever felt like you needed more? Have you ever struggled with being content with what you have? I have found the secret to contentment! And in this limited edition, special one time offer, I’m going to sell it to the public by the bottle! Normally these bottles retail for over $5,000 each, but it can be yours for $999.95!!! Act now and we’ll send you one additional bottle for your spouse for half price! Family packages are available. Corporate discounts. Call 1-800-CONTENT now!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy contentment in a jar? That advertisement sounds too good to be true because it is! If I could really bottle contentment I would be so rich Donald Trump would be jealous. People long for contentment but cannot find it no matter how hard they look. Technology and times change but people do not change. Our flesh always wants more but our spirit simply wants one thing: contentment! We may never vocalize it like Paul did, but we are looking for it. If you prayerfully consider what I am saying you will know that your spirit is diligently seeking to be content.

We should never stop learning how to cultivate a spirit of contentment. What if we all had contentment? What if just the Christians had it? What about everyone you know? I know some people that seem to have it, the people in Mayberry. What if we were all like the people of Mayberry? Have you ever wondered why it has been on TV every day for over 40 years? They learned contentment through friendships and helping each other. Since we can’t have it we enjoy watching others who do have it.

There are hundreds of people in the Bible that did not have contentment: (1) Adam and Eve lived in Paradise but they were not content. (2) Satan was not content in the presence of God, in heaven. (3) Judas was one of the hand picked dozen and closest to Jesus but he was not content. If Adam and Eve who lived in Paradise, Satan who lived in heaven, and Judas who walked with Jesus could not find contentment, how much greater is our struggle going to be to find it?

Personal contentment will get attacked from every side. Our wants can become the demons that haunt us from cradle to grave. I want you to remember that Jesus came to give life. Satan came to take it away. Guilt, loneliness, depression, and discontent can destroy abundant life. . . they are the works of Satan. It’s time to live an abundant life! Let go of the burdens that rob you of joy. Forget about the things that crush your spirit. And store up bottles of contentment within your heart! Your everlasting peace is waiting! Have a great week!!!

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