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Lads To Leaders

The Christian Chronicle said of Jack Zorn’s passing: “The church has lost a giant.” He was the founder of Lads to Leaders. Since his passing, the Zorn family, L2L community, and the legacy of this great program, weighs heavily on my mind. No doubt Dr. Zorn would want us to look to the future with confidence and hope.

During the funeral service on August 28, we heard from several individuals who were impacted and influenced by Dr. Zorn. If a book were written that included the name of every person who had benefited from Jack Zorn’s vision, ministry, and L2L, it would be the longest book ever written!

Think of the millions of people who can still profit from L2L in the future. That’s where you and I come in. What can we do to strengthen the church? How can we ensure that the next generation of leaders are trained?

In 2020, conventions were closed because of COVID. In 2021, conventions were held with minimal attendance. It seems COVID concerns may cause apprehension as we look ahead to the 2022 convention. Obviously attendance and participation are essential to keeping the work alive.

Would you honor the legacy of Dr. Zorn with a memorial gift? How much would you give to secure the future of L2L? What can you contribute to this great work? Dr. Zorn planted a seed. We’ve all enjoyed the fruit of that labor. It’s time for us to plant the seeds again. Please follow the link below to donate to L2L.

You Are Loved,

Ray Reynolds, Ph.D.

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