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The Best Part of Heaven

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

When I was young I remember thinking about Heaven often. I guess it’s because I heard so many preachers talk about it. There are so many songs in our hymn books that speak of Heaven. We need to realize that Heaven is a real place! We need to hear more about Heaven in the pulpit, in the classrooms, out in public, and even around the dinner table.

Life takes us and our friends in different directions. When our family and friends die we grieve for them. Some move away and we miss that bond of closeness. However, if they are Christians we know that even if they die we will never be apart for a long period of time. Earthly reunions are special, but Heaven will be the greatest reunion we’ve ever attended. But that’s not the best part of Heaven!

When we get to Heaven there will be people we have never seen, people we have met or bumped into along our life’s journey, people whom we knew early in life, and more importantly, people we have loved all of our life. But that’s not the best part of Heaven! There are some things that I know about Heaven (a subject I have studied for two decades). I know that the Bible tells us a lot about Heaven (Revelation is a good place to start). Heaven will be absent of sorrow, tears, and pain. But that’s not the best part of Heaven!

Heaven will be a place of endless day. A place where there will be no night. The reunion and painless environment that Heaven offers will never end. But that’s not the best part of Heaven!

Heaven will be a place of eternal rest and reward. It will be a place where the struggles of this life do not exist and cannot reach us. In Heaven people cannot harm us, let us down, or hurt us. As great as that is, that’s not the best part of Heaven!

So what is the best part of Heaven? The best part is something that we cannot comprehend. Heaven is where God will be! We will be with God forever. We will see His illuminating glory all over Heaven. His praises will be sung for eternity. Jesus will be at His right hand and His Holy Spirit will inhabit all of Heaven. Heaven is the place where we will finally see God! We will meet our Creator, our Maker, our Savior, and the Author of the Bible and eternal Salvation. That will be the best part of Heaven!

I would almost give anything to be in Heaven with God. But have you ever wondered “What does God want from me?” Simple, He wants my life! God asks for our lives, in exchange for eternal salvation and a place to be with Him for eternity. He asks us to give up who we are and what we want to become. This cost may seem too high. However, when we consider the price that God paid for our salvation, the blood of His only Son on the cross, how can we complain?

Give God your life today. Show Him how thankful you are for Heaven! Are you ready to experience the best part of Heaven?

You are loved.

Dr. Ray Reynolds

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