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The Holy Spirit in Romans (Part 5)

One reason for the great hope mentioned in Romans 8:18-25 is that Jesus is our Mediator (I Timothy 2:5) and the Holy Spirit is our Intercessor (Romans 8:26-27). The Spirit is called a “Helper,” because of His nature (John 15:26). He helps with the prayers of a Christian and, therefore, makes them more effective. So His name fits His work. Other translations call Him a Comforter, and this is obviously true as well. He is indeed the great Comforter and Helper.

The Holy Spirit is essential to ultimate good (Romans 8:28-30). God causes all things to work for spiritual good and ultimate salvation. This can only come to those who respond to Him in love and obedience. Therefore, one must obey the gospel plan of salvation. All those “called according to His purpose” basically means all people (Romans 8:28). All people can receive this calling, even the Gentiles (Ephesians 3:1-7, John 3:16, Romans 1:16). Those who respond in obedience to His will become His people. Christians can be confident that nothing can hurt God’s people so deeply that God cannot turn it around for their own good. This is the reason for the confidence mentioned in Romans 8:28, as it can be seen in Romans 8:29-30.

God’s eternal plan will always be accomplished. He did not predetermine who would be saved but He predestined that those who believed would be made holy like His Son. He also called them to Himself. Christians are justified through their sins being forgiven, by the process of baptism into Christ cleansing blood, and continuing to walk in Him. Christians are glorified by God allowing them to share eternity with Him. In addition to this, His ultimate will is also seen in the works of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit gives assurance (Romans 8:31-39). Therefore, nothing can keep God from working all things together for good. In these last few verses of Romans 8 it is easy to see the conclusion of God’s plan for His people that Paul explained in Romans 8:8. Paul affirms that God is for Christians, therefore, no one can succeed against them (Romans 8:31). God is for Christians being in Christ. This statement is a concise summary of the gospel and is also the basis of the following rhetorical questions that assume that God will give all things (Romans 8:32).

No one can bring a charge against a child of God (Romans 8:33), nor can a believer succeed if He condemns them (Romans 8:34). Nothing can keep those who belong to Christ from receiving the benefits of God’s love (Romans 8:35-39). There are six things that need to be kept in mind as a result of these things: (1) No one can stand against us, (2) God will freely give us all things, (3) No charge against us can be sustained, (4) God alone justifies, (5) The Lord is for us, (6) Nothing can separate us from the love of God.

The Holy Spirit is a helper, as already mentioned. He helps in many ways, in fact as already mentioned, there are more than a dozen ways that can be seen from the text of Romans 8 alone. Among other things, the Spirit helped in the life and the work of Jesus Christ and He will help us in our walk with Christ. We should lean on Him for comfort.

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