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There is a strange new teaching being circulated around the brotherhood today concerning the Holy Spirit. A new teaching that both frustrates and confuses me. I use the term “new” loosely because in sense it has only re-surfaced in a fresh approach. Solomon tells us that there is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9). This false teaching is that the Holy Spirit is the lowest, weakest, and/or least important part of the Godhead. Some might say the Holy Spirit is virtually insignificant, only a glorified “it” and undeserving of the masculine pronouns attributed to God the Father and His Son Jesus.

I’ve actually heard preachers say things like: “The Holy Spirit is bunk!” “The Holy Spirit has finished His work and has gone home to heaven.” “The Holy Spirit is limited to the pages of the Bible.” “The Holy Spirit is asleep.” “The Holy Spirit no longer works on the earth.” I refer to this kind of thinking as “baby God theology.” It is not healthy, but probably rose up because most of us have not studied Him enough.

How did this kind of false teaching begin? As I mentioned earlier, nothing is new under the sun. For centuries people have tried to unravel the mysteries of God. We want to learn more about God, in this case specifically, the Holy Spirit of God. Therefore, we often run to scholars, Bible Teachers, commentaries, and Bible aids for answers to difficult questions. This may be helpful, but God’s word already contains the answers! We just have to dig in!

Several strange doctrines, and various controversies, have arisen over the Holy Spirit. You can study the history of Montanism, the Sabellian heresy, the heresy of Arius, the heresy of Macedonius, the Filioque Controversy, the Aquinian theology, etc. You can consider the four views of the Holy Spirit 1) Non-Charismatic view that rejects the work of the Holy Spirit today, 2) Charismatic view that makes no distinction between New Testament times and today, 3) Quasi-Charismatic view that seeks a middle ground between the miraculous and non-miraculous work of the Holy Spirit today, and 4) Figurative view that the Holy Spirit is never to be taken literal. Which fits the biblical model?

It may take a several weeks, but I would like for us to spend some time considering the Holy Spirit of God. What does He do? How does He operate today? What do the Scriptures teach us? I hope this series of articles will be a blessing to you. Have a great week!

You are loved.

Dr. Ray Reynolds

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