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The Repercussions of Neglecting Bible Study & Worship

Interview with Matt & Teresa Pointer of Clear Point, GA: "This pandemic has been hard on our family, but we have adjusted well. With our kids out of school, and doing online classes, we think its okay to let them stay up late and then sleep in. They should be able to do online school when they want to do it because we can't help them. The teachers aren't really having to do work and are just emailing assignments. We don't know all that stuff! Besides who really uses Biology, History and Algebra in the real world anyway. We are encouraging our friends to skip all social interaction with their Christian family and the church because we just don't trust that people will be safe. We aren't studying the Bible at home, not because we don't believe in prayer or Bible study, but because we really don't feel comfortable doing that stuff and might mess it up. We haven't been to worship in nearly a year, but we now we can just watch it on Sunday afternoon when we get around to it. We actually like worship at home because we can sit around in our pajamas and drink coffee. We can even fast forward or pause it anytime it gets boring or if we need to go to the bathroom. In fact, we can have a different preacher every Sunday! There are so many churches doing services online. Also, we personally don't see a need to make church contributions anymore because they aren't using all of the facilities anyway. When this pandemic is over we will start going back to church, and contributing, but for now we just don't feel comfortable going to church or church events."

Before you begin criticizing or judging me (based on the title of this blog) please hear me out... I realize that we are in the middle of a pandemic. I also realize that for the safety of you and your family that you may be choosing to quarantine. I totally support individual freedom. I wear masks. I practice social distancing. I believe in safety and cleanliness. I may have been more prepared for this pandemic than most people. I had buckets of sanitizer and several dozen rolls of toilet paper... all before there was rationing.

Now... to the point... I see people out everyday. Work. Wal-Mart. Restaurants. Social events. Sporting events. School. Fishing. Bowling. Movie theaters. Shopping. The park. The list goes on and on. I realize that some of these things are essential. However, if we drag our kids all over town for social interaction, and even out of town, why are they not in Bible class and worship? We take all the necessary precautions. Everyone wears masks. We have strategically placed the seats at an appropriate distance. Sanitizer is available. Isn't it time we took all the things we have learned about COVID-19, use those precautions, and returned to our assemblies? I am fearful that we are teaching our kids a terrible pattern and we are establishing a dangerous precedent.

Let me share some thoughts from the above fictitious "Christian" couple. Have you heard some of those things? Have you said some of those things? They may be fictitious but those thoughts and actions are very real. You have choices. You also have consequences to the choices you make. I will close with a simple poem that has impacted me for over 20 years.

Daddy Had A Little Boy (Author Unknown)

Daddy had a little boy, his soul was white as snow.

He never went to Sunday School cause Daddy wouldn't go.

He never heard the Word of God. That thrills the childish mind,

While other children went to class, this child was left behind.

As he grew from babe to youth, dad saw to his dismay,

A soul that once was snowy white, became a dingy grey.

Realizing that his son was lost, dad tried to win him back.

But now the soul that once was white, had turned an ugly black.

Dad even started back to church, and Bible study too;

He begged the preacher, "Isn't there a thing you can do?"

The preacher tried, failed, and said "We're just too far behind;

I tried to tell you years ago, but you would pay me no mind."

And so another soul was lost, that once was white as snow;

Sunday School would have helped, but Daddy wouldn't go.

Put first things first. Worship and Bible study have to be a priority. Have a great week!

You are loved.

Dr. Ray Reynolds

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