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A Poem About My God

I have always loved the psalms. The simplicity. The raw nature. The brutal honesty. The wonderful metaphors that describe the depth of God’s providential care.

The 73 psalms of David, and many other similar songs, were so well loved that the Israelites preserved them for worship. A total of 150 psalms in our Bible. I enjoy reading them over and over again.

For over 25 years I’ve taught countless audiences, in over a hundred places, by radio and television too. I have used the psalms in many of those messages. Why? It’s vast appeal. People love the psalms.

I’m currently teaching the Psalms to my 4-6 grade Bible class on Sunday mornings. Today we decided to write one of our own. It only took a few minutes, but the children did an admirable job. Here it is…


The Lord is my rock.

He’s my foundation.

He’s all I need.

My joy and my salvation.

The Lord is my light.

He reveals the pathway.

He’ll walk beside me,

All of the way.

- 1/23/22 -

We can learn much from the psalms. They reveal how we should approach God in prayer and depend on Him for deliverance. They also instruct us about our history and look to our future. Turn to a psalm today. Any psalm. Read and be blessed.

You are loved.

Dr. Ray Reynolds

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