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God Bless America

On this day (May 31, 2021) the United States will celebrate another Memorial Day. As an American citizen I am proud that we live in a nation that recognizes its past. It is an honor to memorialize those who sacrificed their lives in service to this country. We truly live in the greatest nation on the planet.

How did we become so great? When did we become a nation that received God’s blessing? Throughout the Bible we see that the nation of Israel was exalted when they glorified God and made necessary sacrifices. This great nation has been an example for others all over the world. We have served as a fertilizer for freedom, but the price has been the blood of American troops. I have heard it said that, “Where liberty has sprouted around the world, we usually find American blood at its roots.”

Studies show that the rich soil of Europe, Japan, South Korea, hundreds of Pacific Islands and thousands of square miles of other foreign territory have been saturated with what one scientist called: “that costly catalyst of human rights, that priceless antidote to tyranny, that precious reagent of democratic revolution.” He said, “Try as we might, we scientists can find no synthetic substitute for American blood. Where diplomacy falters, and negotiations fail, where evil reigns, and fear makes men’s arms hang limp, yet hope rises and moves in measure with the beating of American hearts. The soil of barren lands seems to cry out for this peerless nutrient. And we continue to marvel that volunteers still step forward to pledge their own blood for a cause whose accomplishment might await their last drop of devotion.”

We must never give up on hope, peace, and freedom. If we ever forget those who have sacrificed so much, or ignore the dedication of our troops who provide us security, or become passive in our pursuit of independence, or let our resolve weaken, it will not only lead to our own demise, but the blood of those heroes who have died on foreign fields will cry out. The rich soil of those nations, and the democracy that took root, could dissolve as quickly as it started. However, the spirit of liberty and freedom will live on in the hearts of men. I believe that you cannot completely destroy hope. Long after life and death, the spirit of justice and the example of democracy, will never fade away. And our dedication to spread that hope to foreign nations, who dream of liberation, will give us designations like “passionate, hopeful, and sacrificial” as we are referenced in the future.

America has made its mark on the world. We must wake up to see God’s blessings and know that our aspirations for freedom have inspired millions. God has used us in the past and we must allow Him to continue to use this great nation in the future. But the chronicles of history have not been written. Our story is still being recorded. Will you teach your children of God’s providence in this country (Deuteronomy 6:7)? Have you reminded them of the dedication of our servicemen and women? Do they know of the millions of sacrifices that have been made for the freedoms they enjoy?

Thank God for those who have served. Praise God for those who will serve. And may God continue to bless America!!!

You are loved.

Dr. Ray Reynolds

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