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John the Baptizer: The World’s Greatest Man

Jesus called John the "greatest" man who ever lived (Luke 7:28). This poem is written to reveal his strength and dedication to lead people to Jesus. Enjoy!

The prophets foretold of Elijah’s return

Who would straighten the path for God’s Only Son.

His language was brash, his actions taboo,

But his presence was needed to make the way smooth.

Rough cloth and strange diet describe the man

Who taught of repentance from all manner of sin.

He chose the Jordan to baptize in much water

Though his challenge to them was to look to the Father.

A multitude of sinners, publicans, and soldiers

Came to John seeking forgiveness for their spiritual blunders.

He taught of bearing fruit, helping the needy, and living a good life

And Herod he warned not to take his brother’s wife.

“The kingdom is coming!” he declared with a cry.

“One is coming that is mightier than I.”

Jesus was baptized on that river side by John

To “fulfill all righteousness” is why it was done.

John saw Jesus as “God’s precious Lamb”

But Jesus called John the “World’s Greatest Man.”

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You are loved.

Dr. Ray Reynolds

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