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Right Side Up or Upside Down?

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

One of the most interesting phrases in the Bible, to me, is when the disciples were accused of turning the world upside (Acts 17:5-7). Really? Was that true? Obviously this is metaphorical but even with its exaggeration there is something exciting about that accusation. If you’ve read your Bible, you already know that God’s redemptive plan to save mankind didn’t begin and end with the death of Jesus on the cross. It actually began in the foreknowledge of God and the contingency plan was ready before the foundations of the world were even set! After the fall of man in the garden, God immediately put a plan on action into effect (Genesis 3:15). Jesus is the center of books of the law! He is the new Adam and the seed of the woman. He is Abraham’s offspring through whom all the nations are blessed. He is the leader that is greater than Moses, not to lead the people out of Egyptian slavery, but out of eternal hell. He is the Passover Lamb who was slain to protect us from the Angel of Death. He is the manna in the wilderness, the bread of life, given daily to all who are hungry. He is the Rock in the desert out of whom flows rivers of living water. He is the one who suffered temptation in the wilderness, endured the scorn of the enemies of God’s people and never sinned. He is greater than the bronze serpent in the desert, because he was lifted up so that whoever would look upon Him would find healing and forgiveness forever. He is the fulfillment of the Law, who didn’t come to abolish it, but to fulfill it. Jesus is the center of books of history! He is the captain of our salvation, the kinsman redeemer, the trusted prophet and the reigning king. He is the conquering warrior who is mighty to save. He is the radiance of the glory of God, the high priest whose ministry never ends, the final Word from heaven. He is the son of David, leading his people from the everlasting throne and eternal kingdom. He is rebuilder of broken walls, the voice of Mordecai, and the redeemer that lives. Jesus is the center of books of the books of poetry! He is the Good Shepherd who leaves the 99 to find the 1, who faces the lions and bears in the fields, who lays down his own life down for the lost. He leads us beside green pastures of blessing and still waters of refreshing. He is the one who faced the shadow of death and did not shrink back because we were the joy set before him. He is the temple of God, come down to dwell in glory with His people. He is the wisdom of God that looks like foolishness to man, but has the words of salvation. He is the loving bridegroom calling to his beloved. Jesus is the center of books of the books of prophesy! He is the prince of peace, wonderful counselor, and mighty God. He is the righteous branch, weeping prophet, and the fourth man in the furnace with the Hebrew boys. He is the suffering servant of Isaiah - despised and rejected by men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief. He is one who send the Holy Spirit, the burden bearer, the avenger of God’s elect, and the restorer of all things. He is the fountain of life and the sun of righteousness. He is the Son of Man, the Ancient of Days who shatters the horns of the earthly kingdoms. The New Testament reveals that He is the one who lived the perfect life. He is the one who bore the penalty for our sin on the cross. He is the one who suffered the separation from the Father. He is the one who drank the bitter cup of God’s wrath. He shed His blood for the new covenant. He is the once for all sacrifice and the scape-goat sent out of God’s presence. He died the guilty death, and rose to defeat sin, Satan, and grave. He is the one who faced every evil thing in this world and our hearts and came out victorious. He crushed Satan’s head and rose up triumphantly in an incorruptible body. He is the Christ, the savior, the healer and Messiah. Look at any passage of the Old Testament, or the New Testament, and you can smell the aroma of Christ. You can sense a movement toward the Messiah. You can hear the song of the Savior. You can see the blood stains of the cross. The message of the entire Bible has world-shaking implications. God set up foundations and He will shake those foundations. Every single time you open your Bible, read it and obey it… you shake things up. You can shake up your own life, your family, your co-workers, your friends, and eventually your community. Let’s follow the Bible and fulfill the Great Commission. We need some earth shaking news. The world is already upside down in sin. Maybe we could actually shake things right side up.

You are loved.

Dr. Ray Reynolds

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