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The Vision of God

Recently, I have been wondering about the future of the church. I pondered things that can be done to properly restore the New Testament church of our Lord. I have one simple question to answer in this article today: “What will happen when we finally see the vision of God?”

(1) It will force us to change. When we compare our earthly visions for the church we will see that we come up short. Paul was willing to do anything to save a soul. We are afraid of change. Paul’s motto was: “All things to all men.” This statement emphasizes change, flexibility, and maturity. We should no longer be concerned by what you want or what I want, but with what God wants.

(2) It will drive us to our knees. We cannot do things on our own. Do I need to repeat that? I will: “We cannot do things on our own!” When we pray we only ask for prayer requests. Our prayers and our vision is small because we think we have a small God. Do you want a powerful prayer life? To have a powerful prayer you need strong desire, you need to live by faith, you need to cry out, and you need to be bold!

(3) It will unify us. We need to unite on our vision. We need to see things God’s way. Are you tired of the endless arguments, fights, and church squabbles? Remember that it doesn’t matter what you want, but what God desires, and God desires unity. We need to stop being so divisive and judgmental. Let God do the dividing on the Day of Judgment!

(4) It will ignite our passion. We need to let God ignite us, but we have to see His vision first. Have you asked: “God what is your vision for me?” or “God what is your vision for this church?” We begin to notice different things when we see His vision. It sets our spirits ablaze!!!

(5) It will allow God to blow our minds! Yea, you read that right! God will blow our minds if we will see His vision! The reason God is not working in many people, and many churches, is because we are not asking Him! We cannot expect Him to do things we haven’t ask of Him! On the other hand, some people ask for God’s help but are not doing the things He has given us the talent to do! What a strike against us!

Who will catch the vision of God? God is able, but we have to see His vision (Ephesians 3:20, Philippians 4:13)! John 4 tells us that a woman who was a five time divorcee and shacked up with another man saw the vision. If God could take this sinful adulterer (a woman with more baggage than we will probably ever carry) and fire her up with His vision. . . . what will he do with you! Let’s catch the vision! Have a great week!!!

You are loved.

Dr. Ray Reynolds

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