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What To Do After Worship

Worship of the first day of the week is something that we all should look forward to each week. Sometimes we are not sure how react after worship. I want to share with you some practical ideas to help you stay focused. If we all practiced these principles our worship would be even more effective.

1. Don’t forget what was just done. Reflect on the songs, prayers, the lesson, your giving, and the Lord’s Supper.

2. Its always best to stick around and visit. Make sure you talk to the visitors first.

3. Keep in mind when you shake the preachers hand, his “brain is fried.” Try not to engage him in a deep theological debate.

4. After the assembly you can give any additional announcements to the person in charge of that for the next service.

5. Please try and remember to clean up your pew. Some pews have trash, papers, clothes, and Kleenexes scattered around.

6. Try not to let the children go through the classrooms or run in the building. Again, watch them in the parking lot.

7. Be sure to watch your children at all times. Safety first!

8. If you have any questions or problems, address them immediately. Remember that the elders are at services and can help you.

9. If you need to be baptized or if you need prayers, let us help. That is what we are here for!

10. Keep in mind the people we have prayed for and pray for them at home throughout the week.

11. Visit, call, or send a card to those we mentioned in our prayers.

12. Try and speak to everyone. Be polite and friendly.

13. Make plans to spend more time with your brothers and sisters.

14. Be sure to encourage all those who participated in worship. Song leaders and prayer leaders need to built up too.

15. If you have ideas for improving our worship let the elders know.

16. When you finish with your bulletin or class books pass them on to someone who will appreciate them.

17. As you are leaving the parking lot use caution and watch for stray kids.

18. Think of someone you can share your joy with and tell them about our Sunday worship service and how it blesses you.

19. If you are the last one out, lock the door, and turn out the lights.

20. Remember the next time we assemble. We will see you then!

I pray that no one has been offended by these past three articles. It is only our intention to improve our worship. I hope these suggestions have been helpful. I know they can help all of us to have great worship services. May God bless us as we worship Him! Have a great week!!!

You are loved.

Dr. Ray Reynolds

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