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What To Do Before Worship

Worship on the first day of the week is something that we all should look forward to each week (Acts 20:7). Sometimes we are not sure how to prepare for worship. I want to share with you some practical ideas to help you to get focused. If we all practiced these principles our worship could be even more effective...

1. Start getting your mind prepared for worship and Bible study before you get to the building.

2. Keep in mind that we are about to enter worship with God. So pray and meditate on your way to worship.

3. Dress for worship, in clothes that are modest. Try to wear apparel that people consider to be church clothes.

4. If you have children, prepare a bag for services (Bible, fruit snacks, etc.). Try not to bring items that make noise or play music.

5. Make sure you get up early and leave in plenty of time to get there on time. There are problems occasionally, but try to be on time.

6. Have your contribution check written out before we assemble. Ripping checks out of checkbooks can be distracting to others.

7. If you want to visit with others, come early and talk, or stand outside. Remember that idle chit chat is not appropriate in worship.

8. If you come early make sure you know where your children are at all times. Don't let them run in the building or parking lot.

9. If you are supposed to lead in worship, and cannot attend services, please call someone the night before.

10. If you are reading scripture find out the specific passage before the assembly.

11. If you are leading the song service, please have the service prepared before hand.

12. If you are going to lead a prayer, have your thoughts together, and practice humility.

13. We need to be organized in all aspects. So make sure that you pick up a worship order to know the order of service.

14. If you have announcements give them to the person before we begin services, preferably a few days in advance.

15. Do not adjust the thermostat, just adapt as best you can. Bring a coat, blanket, or fan to worship.

16. Be on time for classes and for worship. Truancy distracts worshippers. Irregularity can reveal procrastination.

17. Try not to distract people by playing with the baby in front of you or talking across the pew.

18. If something humorous happens try to regain your composure quickly and take your focus back to the purpose of worship.

19. When its time to start, sit down and get quiet. Get your focus on the purpose of our worship.

20. Try to get excited about services and get ready to worship God. Pray and think about God's goodness.

I hope these suggestions are helpful. Remember that these are just suggestions and I am sure we could add more to the list. I know they can help all of us to have great worship services. Next week we will consider how to conduct ourselves during the worship. Have a great week!!!

You are loved.

Dr. Ray Reynolds

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