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When God Takes Control

What gets you motivated? What fires you up? Is God first on your priority list? Do you get frustrated easily with smoke screens and hypocrisy? What would happen if we really allowed God to take control of His church? What would happen if you really let God have full control of your life? I would give anything to see the church getting fired up for God! I want to share with you five things that I think would happen if we let God take control . . . .

(1) He will lead us to change - When we compare our vision to that of the early church, what do we see? We will see that we come up short. Paul was willing to do anything to save a soul (“All things to all men”). Paul believed in change and flexibility. Paul wasn’t a stick in the mud. The early church was concerned about what the Lord wanted, but sometimes we are more concerned with what we want. If we see what God wants, we can help to accomplish His great work.

(2) He will drive us to our knees - We cannot do things on our own. When we pray we often ask for prayer requests. That’s great! But our prayers and vision seem so small. Our God can do amazing things! How bold are we in our prayers? We have a God that grants blessings beyond our wildest imaginations. If we let Him take control just imagine what He could do with the Lord’s church! Not to mention your life!

(3) He will influence us to practice unity - One thing that bothers me about the church today is that we have little love for one another. That lack of love has divided us as a brotherhood. We need to unite on our vision and mission. Are you tired of the endless arguments, debates, and fights? It doesn’t matter what you or I think or want. We need to stop being divisive and seek unity among God’s people.

(4) He will force us to be hot or cold - We need passion! Only God can ignite our passion for His church and His people! We need to let God ignite us. Have you ever prayed, “God what is your vision for me?” or “God what is your vision for this church?” We begin to notice different things when we see His vision. We recognize sin, we value life, we understand the need for wisdom, and we appreciate His grace.

(5) He will challenge us to work - We have to realize that when God is in control He will do amazing things. When is the last time you saw 3,000 people respond to the invitation? When is the last time a major political figure or a famous anti-Christian protester was led to Christ? When is the last time you saw an entire congregation converted? The reason it seems as if God is not working among us is because we are not asking Him. We have become lazy and closed minded to His vision. He has given us the talent to do His work and we must take action. There is no such thing as a non-working or retired Christian!

Who will catch the vision of God? Remember the story of the Samaritan woman? That story humbles me because if a woman who was a 5-time divorcee, shacking up with another man, and full of shame could see the vision of God, why is it I am so blind to it from time to time! If God could take this sinful fornicator and adulterer, a woman with more baggage than we will probably ever carry, and fire her up with His vision. . . . what will he do with you and me?

We cannot lose our purpose, our mission, and goal as a believer? Let’s catch the vision!

Let’s allow God to take control! Have a great week!!!

You are loved.

Dr. Ray Reynolds

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