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The Deuteronomy Book = Psalms Concerning the Word of God

The fifth, and final, book of Psalms is a comprehensive book of thanksgiving hymns.  It contains 44 psalms including 15 ascribed to David, one to Solomon (Psalm 127) and the rest are anonymous.  These psalms reiterate the thoughts of praise and giving thanks.  Why?  Because He is the Savior, deliverer, and God over all the earth.

Psalms: Book Five relates to the book of Deuteronomy. This is similar to the book of Deuteronomy because it speaks of a new beginning in the Promised Land.  The general theme is the Word of God.  While several divisions distinguish the other books, like God’s Word itself, this book is a perfect whole and is the only “Psalm Book” with an even number of Psalms.  They express the thoughts, prayers, and experiences of the captives and their return to Jerusalem.  They also convey a message of both God’s presence among His people and God’s will within His word.  We see God among us, in His temple with His people and in their midst when they meditate on His law.  This book uses Elohim (7) much less than Yahweh (236). 

Many of these psalms praise God for His word (note Psalm 119).  God’s people should give thanks for God’s direction. God wants the most perfect sacrifice of all, which is our faithfulness and obedience to His revealed will.  He desires for us to know Him and His purpose for our lives.

This book begins with acknowledging the delivering power of God (Psalm 107).  In the middle we can find the “Egyptian Hallel” (Psalms 111-119 - the psalms used by Israel during the annual feasts), and the “Songs of Ascents” (Psalms 120-137 - the hymns traditionally sang on the way to worship).  The doxology is found in Psalm 150 but really should include Psalms 145-150, because they are five hallelujah psalms. They thank God in every possible way for His goodness towards His people. Hallelujah ends this final section as a note of joyfulness and gladness without an “Amen” to conclude it.  It might be inferred that more songs of praise should be added to the hymnbook of the church as we continue to see the will of God fulfilled among His people.

I hope and pray you enjoyed our study of psalms and look forward to completing the book of Proverbs soon. May God be glorified! Have a great week!

You are loved.

Ray Reynolds, PhD

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