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The Creative Work of the Holy Spirit

Have you ever studied about the creativity of God, His son, and His church? I’ve been working on a three part sermon series that I hope to use one day on this very theme. In preparation for that study I have noticed a number of things about our wonderful Creator and His amazing work. In fact, there are passages of Scripture that reflect the power of God’s Holy Spirit.

God’s will is to empower the Lord’s church by unleashing His creative spirit and bring new life. In fact, the Holy Spirit participated in creation (Genesis 1:2, Job 26:13, Isaiah 32:15). The Holy Spirit gives life to humanity and the other creatures (Psalm 104:29-30). It is interesting that when Genesis says God endows people with life by breathing into their nostrils the “breath of life” (Genesis 2:7), the word for “breath” is the same word translated elsewhere as “spirit.”

The Holy Spirit of God is creative and active! Do you like movies? I do. I love action movies. I enjoy movies that have some basic story line or plot, but are really about special effects or stunts. Good guy vs. bad guy. Car chases or battles. Those kinds of “blockbuster” movies bring people out in droves to the theaters. Why? You may not like that style but many people show interest in them because you never know what to expect. Many people prefer more artistic or creative works of art, film, poetry, music, etc.

We have to realize that acting, music, and entertainment are just a means of provoking ones imagination. People get so worked up about things that change but sometimes it’s just a creative spirit at work. We need adventure, excitement, and drama to keep us awake. I often sleep through soft drama movies the same as a handful of people sleep through church. The Bible only speaks of one man falling asleep during a sermon and afterwards I’ll bet he never did again!

God’s creative Spirit must fill His church with good fruit (John 15:1-8, Galatians 5:22-23). Remember that it was the Spirit of God that gave Gideon the creative means of choosing the final 300 soldiers to defeat an army of 120,000. It was God’s Spirit that gave Peter the creative energy to convert at least 3,000 people on Pentecost. The Holy Spirit empowered hundreds of people with creative spiritual gifts to evangelize thousands of people, perform miracles, and build the kingdom. We now have the natural gifts of the Holy Spirit, which no law can deny or restrain.

The Bible reveals that every Christian is born of the Spirit (John 3:5, Acts 2:38, Romans 8:9-11) and must bear the fruit of the Spirit (John 5:1-8, Galatians 5:22-23). It is that same Holy Spirit that motivates us to use our talents to the glory of God. Are you in tune with the creative Spirit of God that lives inside of you? What is He creating (or re-creating) you to do for the kingdom? Have a great week!

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